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 Part of Kamaete Schools of Traditional Shotokan Karate (KSTSK), Bricket Wood School of Shotokan Karate is run by

Sensei Cherylle Cooper 3rd Dan.


The club opened in May 2007 at St Stephens Parish Centre in Station Road, and moved to its current venue at Mount Pleasant Lane school in July 2012.


Many of the club members are from the local primary school and surrounding area and we regularly give a demonstration at the school summer fair.

If you would like us to come and give a demonstration for you, please e-mail as above.


We offer a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS, and FAMILY DISCOUNTS for all new students, and train in a friendly, fun and safe environment whilst maintaining the value and discipline of Traditional Shotokan Karate.

All ages and abilities from 6 years+ (occasionally 5) are invited to come along for a free trial.

Whether you are serious about becoming involved in the exciting world of martial arts, wish to try out a new activity, or just want to improve your fitness levels and make some new friends as well, then The Bricket Wood School of Shotokan Karate is for you!

No special clothing is required for beginners, just wear something light, loose and comfortable.

 Book your FREE introductory lesson NOW


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